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[texts]Dow Jones News and Quotes Reporter Manual - Apple Computer, Inc.
Manual for Dow Jones News and Quotes Reporter for the Apple II. The Dow Jones News & Quotes Reporter is a program that brings you news from the Dow Jones News Wire, the Wall Street Journal, and Barron's, and brings you quotes from the Dow Jones Data Base. The program works with the Apple II or Apple II Plus computer; the Apple Disk II disk drive with a controller set up to use 16-sector diskettes; and equipment that connects the computer to a telephone line...
Keywords: dow; jones; apple; Apple II; Dow Jones; screen; program; type; quotes; Stock Quotes; news; press; reporter; news retrieval; main menu; dow jones; press return; jones news; quotes reporter; screen displays; stock quote; jones reporter; telephone number
Downloads: 19
[texts]Hewlett Packard Optoelectronics Designers Catalog1984OCR

Keywords: Hewlett Packard
Downloads: 19

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 15

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 10

Keywords: Hitachi
Downloads: 10

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 2

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 13

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 8
[texts]Hewlett Packard Manual Changes

Keywords: Hewlett Packard
Downloads: 12

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 2

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 16

Keywords: IBM Microsoft
Downloads: 88
[collection]IBM Microsoft Manuals

Downloads: 32
[collection]Hewlett Packard Manuals

Downloads: 32
[texts]Apple Manual: zork zero manual
Apple Manual: zork zero manual
Keywords: zork; interactive; tram; return; command; manual; instruction; type; puzzles; fiction; instruction manual; interactive fiction; tram car; tomato sauce; tells zork; sample transcript; command tells; graphical puzzles; compass rose; rusty lamp
Downloads: 34
[texts]Apple Manual: zork1 apple manual
Apple Manual: zork1 apple manual
Keywords: zork; interactive; duncanthrax; flathead; manual; gnome; appendix; instruction; underground; dimwit; instruction manual; great underground; small cardboard; interactive fiction; glass jar; cardboard box; underground empire; monkey wrench; dart gun; sample transcript
Downloads: 31
[texts]Apple Manual: xenocide apple manual
Apple Manual: xenocide apple manual
Keywords: tfl; ffl; ljj; ifl; cti; iii; lfl; cfi; flj; efl
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: WorldGames-InstructionManualfortheAppleIIGS
Apple Manual: WorldGames-InstructionManualfortheAppleIIGS
Keywords: caber; joystick; button; fire; press; release; iigs; option; wrestling; apple; fire button; joystick left
Downloads: 14
[texts]Apple Manual: wizardy v codes
Apple Manual: wizardy v codes
Keywords: spell; word; group; djic; wizardry; djry; wizard; euoe; magic; tuyi; spell word; word spell; word list; wizardry magic; magic word; list group; oiyi oicq; oicq oiih; yiry yiic; yiqi yihm
Downloads: 42
[texts]Apple Manual: wishbringer
Apple Manual: wishbringer
Keywords: wishbringer; infocom; appendix; horseshoe; interactive; manual; instruction; prompt; barn; closet; instruction manual; living room; sample transcript; interactive fiction; pump water; closet door; tells wishbringer; reference card; recognized verbs; front door
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: weird computer games manual
Apple Manual: weird computer games manual
Keywords: print; return; subroutine; data; goto; gosub; program; cls; replace; computer; replace cls; conversion lines; pulse rate; program works; monster wrestling; usborne publishing; print print
Downloads: 60
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Keywords: tft; eft; flj; fll; lis; rtj; iii; cft; tfl; tfi
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland manual
Apple Manual: wasteland manual
Keywords: character; skill; ranger; finster; vegas; desert; combat; characters; weapon; command; ranger center; skill points; snake squeezins; test scores; personnel file; occasional paragraph; large amount; interest slides; file flashes; death machines
Downloads: 91
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland cgw archive
Apple Manual: wasteland cgw archive
Keywords: game; ssi; wasteland; gaming; ssg; infcm; tale; mail; computer gaming; electronic arts; game hints; adventure game; year awards; arcade game
Downloads: 33
[texts]Apple Manual: warklock apple manual
Apple Manual: warklock apple manual
Keywords: warlock; vitality; points; backup; gray; armor; numeric; joystick; jump; disk; vitality points; warlock jump; backup copy
Downloads: 10
[texts]Apple Manual: VolcanoesManual
Apple Manual: VolcanoesManual
Keywords: volcanoes; volcanic; magma; lava; erupted; qou; volcano; eruptions; eruption; qour; lava flow; shield volcanoes; shallow magma; active volcanoes; basaltic shield; warning levels; volcanic activity; qour students; lab packs
Downloads: 68
[texts]Apple Manual: VolcanoesDocs
Apple Manual: VolcanoesDocs
Keywords: butte; camasport; derkin; brigalorn; peak; coastal; area; volcanoes; cumulus; interior; volcanoes investigations; skyline peak; salt lick; rumble butte; peak rift; matador bubbling; cumulus peak; claw butte; butte salt; butte bear
Downloads: 12
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-Manual
Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-Manual
Keywords: bet; vegas; gambler; cursor; button; select; coins; roulette; cards; chip; slot machine; vegas gambler; number bet; main menu; las vegas; bet pays; joystick button; color bet; roulette table; hand corner
Downloads: 21
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-IIGS Addendum
Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-IIGS Addendum
Keywords: vegas; apple; gambler; iigs; stake; program; disk; option; logical; vegas gambler; logical design
Downloads: 12
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-IIGS Addendum
Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-IIGS Addendum
Keywords: vegas; apple; craps; iigs; bets; bet; logical; software; pays; vegas craps; logical design; house pays
Downloads: 11
[texts]Apple Manual: Uninvited-Manual
Apple Manual: Uninvited-Manual
Keywords: click; command; window; open; exits; operate; examine; select; inventory; clicking; command window; selection button; white box; open command
Downloads: 32
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima V - The Wait is Over
Apple Manual: Ultima V - The Wait is Over
Keywords: ultima; warriors; destiny; novice; ongin; fantasy; perilous; blackthorn; expedition; benevolent; role playing; fantasy role
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima iv
Apple Manual: ultima iv
Keywords: thy; tlje; anb; magical; mystic; evil; britannia; reagents; mandrake; spells; lord british; blood moss; sulphurous ash; mystic arts; spider silk; thy party; mandrake root; black pearl; energy fields; magic users
Downloads: 28
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima 4 spellbook
Apple Manual: Ultima 4 spellbook
Keywords: mystic; mandrake; sulphurous; enchantment; magical; casting; reagents; moss; spells; spell; blood moss; sulphurous ash; spider silk; mystic arts; black pearl; mandrake root; energy fields
Downloads: 44
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima 4 cluebook
Apple Manual: Ultima 4 cluebook
Keywords: thy; tne; tfie; dungeon; tfte; quest; britannia; thee; towne; seeker; thy quest; thy companions; great stygian
Downloads: 13
[texts]Apple Manual: Triango-Manual
Apple Manual: Triango-Manual
Keywords: triango; stones; select; command; player; game; computer; capture; triangles; stone; edit board; change sides; placing stones; grand master; game command; triango diskette; full triangles; dialog box; undo move; skill level
Downloads: 6
[texts]Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Manual
Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Manual
Keywords: vampires; cadmus; bozena; countess; magic; skull; olrich; slavaria; vodnik; pan
Downloads: 15
[texts]Apple Manual: tower of myraglen
Apple Manual: tower of myraglen
Keywords: eft; tfl; flj; tft; ffj; ttj; lti; frt; fjj
Downloads: 10
[texts]Apple Manual: Tonetown Times Newspaper HQ
Apple Manual: Tonetown Times Newspaper HQ
Keywords: tonetown; snarl; fone; daglets; tass; franklin; blobpets; qramps; blobpet; diskletts; franklin snarl; tonetown times; search party
Downloads: 17
[texts]Apple Manual: Threshold apple manual
Apple Manual: Threshold apple manual
Keywords: ship; threshold; paddle; warp; ships; lasers; press; suspend; keyboard; move; move ship
Downloads: 12
[texts]Apple Manual: Thexder-UserManual OP
Apple Manual: Thexder-UserManual OP
Keywords: thexder; enmax; disk; press; energy; creatures; level; shield; iigs; apple; control panel; thexder disk; hard disk; apple iigs
Downloads: 11
[texts]Apple Manual: The Tinies-Manual
Apple Manual: The Tinies-Manual
Keywords: tinies; spaceship; displayed; tiny; planet; controller; strange; computer; sklumph; kalisto
Downloads: 11
[texts]Apple Manual: The Shattered Alliance Manual
Apple Manual: The Shattered Alliance Manual
Keywords: unit; combat; key; factor; cavalry; melee; infantry; random; casualties; computer; press key; combat factors; random factor; weapon factor; tactical factor; spell points; infantry unit; factor chart; simply press; cavalry unit
Downloads: 12
[texts]Apple Manual: The Seven Cities of Gold Manual HQ
Apple Manual: The Seven Cities of Gold Manual HQ
Keywords: natives; columbus; joystick; expedition; spanish; food; explorers; electronic; bearers; program; program disk; electronic arts; historical record; brown tribal
Downloads: 10
[texts]Apple Manual: TheHuntforRedOctober-MissionDocuments
Apple Manual: TheHuntforRedOctober-MissionDocuments
Keywords: naval; caterpillar; soviet; rendezvous; improvisation; cuba; vessel; trials; shore; follow
Downloads: 7
[texts]Apple Manual: The Book of Adventure Games Volume 1 HQ
Apple Manual: The Book of Adventure Games Volume 1 HQ
Keywords: desert; drop; adventure; room; maze; game; open; push; jungle; gold; city street; street city; time zone; maze maze; desert desert; aegean sea; sea aegean; stone door; sherwood forest; adventure international
Downloads: 98
[texts]Apple Manual: The Black Cauldron Manual
Apple Manual: The Black Cauldron Manual
Keywords: dallben; horned; prydain; cauldron; taran; hen; king; lloyd; black; disney; black cauldron; horned king; walt disney; lloyd alexander
Downloads: 15
[texts]Apple Manual: the black cauldron - instructions
Apple Manual: the black cauldron - instructions
Keywords: joystick; game; press; status; screen; lower; center; highlight; object; button; status screen; upper joystick; lower joystick; lower button
Downloads: 11
[texts]Apple Manual: The Bard's Tale Manual HQ
Apple Manual: The Bard's Tale Manual HQ
Keywords: spell; magic; combat; party; magical; spells; characters; level; armor; monsters; spell points; magic users; magic user; magic spells; skara brae; hit points; experience points; spell caster; three characters; spells level
Downloads: 15
[texts]Apple Manual: TheBardsTaleII-Manual
Apple Manual: TheBardsTaleII-Manual
Keywords: party; magic; spell; character; spells; characters; level; destiny; bard; combat; command summary; magic user; special members; summary card; view character; spell points; review board; magic users; party member; destiny knight
Downloads: 11
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